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released April 20, 2018

vocals/guitar: jac walsh
drums/vocals: larz brogan
bass: otto klammer
lead guitar: ian st. george

attack & amend mastered by: otto klammer
album art by: jamezie helenski
recorded live on 1/15/18 by Nick Owen
using a Zoom LiveTrak L-12


venus in retrograde was conceived as a project by us + our pal nick owen, who has been getting into the game of recording live sessions in his basement in concord, massachusetts for friends. we thought recording with him would be a great opportunity to have some sort of documentation of what we sound like at present.

this record is two things. first, it is a update of some old material we put out on venus in gemini, something we felt we wanted to revisit and re-record. second, it is a document of some new songs -- all a work in progress. these songs were all recorded in a messy, unfinished, as-is state: just as we played them live in january. most have changed to some degree since we have recorded this, and will be different next time we record them.

there is pressure on just about everybody not fuck up ANYTHING, to ruminate on everything we do out of fear of doing it wrong. this pressure has always been there, but in the current state of "diy" there is a relatively low half-life for any sort of public interest in bands. the stakes of every release are seemingly high. this makes it hard to strike a balance between sincerity, personal enjoyment, and widespread enthusiasm. everything is fleeting. everyone is a commodity. albums are products. fuck this. it's fine to be a little messy, and its fine to let others witness yr growth and process. that is the point of this record.

venus in retrograde was recorded by nick owen in january 2018 and consists of mostly first-takes, save for some overdubs that we weren't able to record during the original session due to scheduling. everything was played live, and all fuck-ups are left in. we hope you enjoy.